Whole Brain Teaching 2

I have relaxed into the Class-Yes and the children now respond brilliantly to this, regardless of activity, noise level etc.  Next step for me and the class is to improve Teach-OK, as this dwindled slightly, after initial enthusiasm.  The partner teaching and choral response aspects fit well with Read-Write Inc and Maths Makes Sense, both of which are working extremely well in our school.

Over the weekend I read about the very promising AfL technique known as Pose, Pause, Bounce and Pounce!  In this, teachers refrain from playing “ping-pong” with questions and answers, instead playing “basketball” drawing out evaluative responses from other pupils.  For example:

  1. The question is posed to the whole class
  2. Thinking / reflection time
  3. Throw the “ball”  to Pupil A for their answer
  4. The ball is returned to the teacher, who bounces it whilst all pupils think about Pupil A’s answer
  5. Pupil B is “pounced” on (asked for views and evaluation on Pupil A’s original answer).
  6. Continue to develop as appropriate

I love it!  The depth and breadth of answers is incredible.


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