The Lazy Teachers’ Handbook

The deliberately misleading title hides the fact that this is a book for those teachers who wish to be the “guide on the side”, as opposed to the “sage on the stage”.  Well worth reading.

The Lazy Teacher's Handbook

You can find it on Amazon.  I don’t have an affiliate account and will not receive anything for this post.  I just liked the book 🙂


Whole Brain Teaching 2

I have relaxed into the Class-Yes and the children now respond brilliantly to this, regardless of activity, noise level etc.  Next step for me and the class is to improve Teach-OK, as this dwindled slightly, after initial enthusiasm.  The partner teaching and choral response aspects fit well with Read-Write Inc and Maths Makes Sense, both of which are working extremely well in our school.

Over the weekend I read about the very promising AfL technique known as Pose, Pause, Bounce and Pounce!  In this, teachers refrain from playing “ping-pong” with questions and answers, instead playing “basketball” drawing out evaluative responses from other pupils.  For example:

  1. The question is posed to the whole class
  2. Thinking / reflection time
  3. Throw the “ball”  to Pupil A for their answer
  4. The ball is returned to the teacher, who bounces it whilst all pupils think about Pupil A’s answer
  5. Pupil B is “pounced” on (asked for views and evaluation on Pupil A’s original answer).
  6. Continue to develop as appropriate

I love it!  The depth and breadth of answers is incredible.