The Perfect (Ofsted) Lesson

This is an amazing book, full of Assessment for Learning ideas and strategies for developing learning.

Perfect Ofsted

You can find it on Amazon for around £5 – for the record, I am not on any form of commission.


How to be an outstanding teacher, or at least have an outstanding ofsted lesson (Paul Dix)

Source – The Guardian website:

1. Step back and look at your teaching space, does it scream outstanding?

2. Meet the children at the door and talk to them about their prior learning as they walk into the room. Show that you know them, know where they are in their learning and know what they need to do as they step over the threshold.

3. Have a first five minutes that creates curious, questioning, engaged children. Cheesy ‘starters’ are old hat and won’t stand out from the crowd.

4. Teach and rehearse 2/3 amazingly well drilled routines that you can click into at a moments notice.

5. Ensure that children leave with an idea/target/question/task. Use writable wristbands or stickers or writing notes on their arm. Show the inspector that children literally carry their learning with them.

6. Take small risks alongside the big ones. Wait the extra few seconds for an answer, show a passion that risks spilling into over excitement and give time to self organised work.

7. Make learning obvious and on show. Give time for thinking and self study but have an active collaborative outcome that demonstrates what has been learned.

8. Prime your trickiest student to demand ‘flipped’ homework at the end of the lesson as if their life depended on it!