Biker Baron

This half term sees some exciting work with the Bike Baron app.  In this lively game, children control a dirt bike which hurtles around a track, allowing them to perform simple stunts.  As a stimulus, it was fantastic.  The buzz in the room was palpable and many children said it was their best ever literacy lesson.

The original idea came from Mr. Andrews, a teacher who is much further along with iPads than I am.  Here is my comment from his website, which says it all, really:

My lower KS2 children had an absolute ball with this. Today we wrote instructions and they remembered EVERYTHING taught yesterday relating to PAT, so fired up by the subject matter were they. I appreciate the idea and will definitely be using the app to inspire writing for other genres, as you suggest. Thank you again!

If you are in a position to use Bike Baron to inspire writing do now or next week.  I plan to use it to inspire recount, narrative, newspaper, diary/blog, but not necessarily in that order!  I also recommend, in the most enthusiastic terms, visiting the Mr. Andrews blog.  It is well worth bookmarking for regular visits.